We install the highest quality of industrial, commercial, and residential flooring that provides an aesthetic look, durability, eco-friendly, and hygienic environment. We assist you to select the right floor coating system from the unmatched range of flooring based technologies like Epoxy, Polyurethane, EPU, PU concrete, Polyaspartic, MCU, Terrazzo, and Metallic Epoxy.


We serve waterproofing system to our valued customers from the basement to the roof. There are wide-ranging innovative technologies of waterproofing in the market and we bring the best of techniques to maintain the quality and meet high and low-end waterproofing requirements.

Construction Chemicals

It is the chemical formulations used with cement, concrete, or other construction materials at the time of construction to hold the construction material together. Here at Blazer BD CONSTRUCHEM, we provide all types of chemicals for construction.


Flooring Market Segments

With over a million square feet floor installation has been covered in a wide spectrum of industries under the leadership of Blazer BD CONSTRUCHEM expertise.


Meat & Fish Processing





Car Parking



Food & Beverages



Garments & Textile

Packaging Industry

Tea Packaging Units

Why people will choose our products

Improve and build the value of Construction Industry

Blazer BD CONSTRUCHEM is a concern of The Blazer BD Limited. “Blazer BD” commenced its journey in 2007, and since inception, it has been covering diverse activities involving in Construction Chemicals, Apparels & Sports items business.

Infrastructure is the biggest asset of an organization and it requires due cares and maintenance.

Blazer BD CONSTRUCHEM recognizes this as time and capital consuming factor & has coating solutions that protect your floors, walls, machines against various degrading factors, mechanical & chemical abrasion, corrosive elements and gives you ample opportunities to meet an international standard of compliance.

Blazer BD CONSTRUCHEM introduced “Construction Solutions (Flooring, Waterproofing & Construction Chemicals)” in Bangladesh markets in 2016.

Blazer BD CONSTRUCHEM has grown to become a technology-driven, innovative and sustainable company in Bangladesh by offering various technologies to protect and decorate your concrete floors, walls, building, metal structures and roofs by employing Epoxy, Polyurethane, EPU, Acrylic, Polyuria and Hydraulic binders.

We have been working here as an authorized distributor of an Indian, a Malaysian & a Korean origin company. These companies are using German technology with European raw materials to produce flooring, waterproofing & construction chemicals.

Our products are being used in Industrial & Commercial Buildings, Washing Plants, Power Plants, Factories – Automobiles, Food & Beverages, Garments & Textile, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Water/Oil/Gas Pipelines, Chemical Industries, Bridges, Airport, Dams, Roads & Highways.

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